Viral Social Advertising

We aim at bringing your printed Ads to life with our QR codes, giving them interactibility, trackability and dynamism of the internet.

Viral Social Advertising: Based on "Word of Mouth" concept: markets your business on your customer's social media profiles, through offers and incentives.

How does it work?


Create an Ad on our site, link a descriptive video, an image and text to your Ad. Add Offer codes on your Ad to reward users when they scan your Ad. Paste the Ad's QR code on flyers, magazines, table tents etc. for people to scan.


When people scan QR code of your Ad on print media they get options to Like/Share/Follow your Ad on popular social sites: Facebook , Twitter etc. and on forwarding your Ad on their social profile, users get to view the linked Offer code.


With a single scan your business is advertised to all friends of your customers via the social network. Linking an offer incentive to the Ad attracts people to forward your Ad on their social channels, which triggers chain advertising.


i) Campaigns
With this new feature you can link multiple Ads to a single QR code.

What are its benefits?

You can judge the progress of individual Ad and compare across Ads / Channels to see which is attracting more eyeballs, through our powerful Analytics platform.

You dont need to change your printing material every time you decide to change you Ad. Since the content is dynamic you can create new Ads and assign it to the campaign and keep using the same printed content.



Users   1,200


Scans   20


ii) Analytics
We gives you numbers to judge the progress of your printed Ad.

From a simple interface you can track count of Ad scans, social shares, social clicks and expected Social reach of your Ad.

For those who need more in depth analytics, Zebrify provides access to Google Analytics extended reports.

iii) Link Offer on Ads
Give your customers a strong reason to advertise for you.

Reward your customers by giving a coupon code or a simple discount message when your customer respond's to your Ad's social action.

Note: This helps in achieving greater results for you Ads because it gives people a strong reason to Advertise for you.

iv) Leads collection:
This is a powerful feature you can use to collect contact information of your probable leads.

The Ads created with this feature have a simple but powerful option to collect name and email of people who viewed your Ad.

How does it work?

For example: If you are a car dealer, just create an Ad with this option turned on, add a message like Book Test Drive Today and put it across your pamphlets.

Upon scanning QR code, users will be prompted to login to view your Ad and your Ad will silently collect the name and email of the person viewing your Ad.

Your Ads not only provide information but become a channel to get relevant business leads with our technology.

No credit card required