What is Zebrify ?

Zebrify is a print based mobile marketing platform that empowers you to make your print media interactive, dynamic and trackable through our QR codes.

How do we add value ?

Help a business to get maximum results and benefits from its use of paper whether its for Advertisement, product packaging, providing information or collecting feedback with our QR Code based technology. We believe a business can reap great benefits by connecting its offline marketing activities to its online domain with our technology.

Zebrify | Social viral Ads

With our Ads tool, you can create an online mobile friendly version of your offline Ad for users to view, when your Ad's QR code is scanned. Ad spreads virally through the customer's social networks with our channel based on word of mouth marketing concept, using an offer/coupon as a social share reward. Know more or Watch video

Zebrify | Campaigns

With our Campaign suite, you can link multiple Ads within a single campaign QR code. Create and link new Ads or dynamically change the Ad linked to your existing campaign QR code, on the go without changing your printed material. Know more

Zebrify | Surveys

With our Survey suite, you can create mobile friendly, interactive, dynamic and trackable feedback, suggestion or survey forms to collect user responses and its generated QR code can be put anywhere ranging from posters, bills, packaging etc. All responses are collated and neatly presented by our solution. Know more


Offers/Coupon codes can be provided by the business to the customer for each survey filling or motivating them to share Ad content on their social network. This feature can also help a business in using its brick and mortar store customers to connect to its online store for redeeming offers and increasing traffic. Know more

Lead Collection

With our technology every single paper used by the business gets empowered to collect lead data/probable customer details for it and all this information is made available to the business in a neat usable format. Know more

OS based routing

With a common QR code used in your printed material, direct traffic coming from different devices to the desired respective locations like different app stores etc. Know more


Clearly the best for the last. With our revolutionary framework and easy to follow Analytical Dashboard the businesses can now judge its print marketing performance. The businesses can now compare in real time how its different ads are performing across different channels like billboard ads,newspaper ads,flyers etc. This can also let them strategize as to which print media should the money be invested in, for future marketing campaigns. This feature also enables a business to judge which ad content, linked offer is attracting more eyeballs. Know more

How it works ?


Add information about yourself, create business ads, campaigns and events directly on our website to get a QR code.


Once you have the QR code ready, simply download it and paste it on business cards, flyers, billboards ,invites, things etc or just share it on Social sites.


With Zebrify we offer you analytics on Ads, Campaigns and events, so you can track number of scans, users , traffic source etc.

What more do we have ?


Going to a networking event ? Eager to meet new people but dont have an updated business card ?

Create your profile on Zebrify and get a dynamic QR code based digital business card.

Share your QR on Facebook, linkedIn or just carry it as an image on your devices.

Hosting an event? Create dynamic invitations in style with Zebrify.

Add a YouTube video to your event, get live Google Maps directions to a venue, see what others are saying.

Share your events on Facebook or simply attach your QR code onto your invitation card.


Your computer just crashed, but you can't find the customer care number or the warranty information.

Get a QR code for your things, save all important contact numbers, warranty information and more, for emergency access.

Get onDemand email alerts when someone scans your QR code.

Sending your distant loved one a gift on their birthday.

Give them a touch of your presence by attaching a video message to the gift.

Simply put the message QR code on gifts or cards, let them scan and view your message. With private message you can control who can scan your QR code.