A QR code for your social and professional details, so that you never need a business card anymore. Know more


A QR code for all your events or gatherings, let your invitations stand out from the rest. Know more



A QR code for all your personal items, a cool way to access information for your things.


A QR code to link an interactive message with your gifts, cards, personal notes etc.

Zebrify in three steps


Add information about yourself,your business ads, events or your things either through our Mobile App or through our Website directly, to get a dynamic QR code.


Once you have the QR code ready, simply download it and put it on cards,markeing material,invites, things or just share it on Facebook. With our Mobile App you get a lot more options. Explore !


With Zebrify we offer you Analytics on events and social QR, so you can track your QR code scans , get scan alerts and know what people are saying.


Going to a networking event ? Eager to meet new people but dont have an updated business card ?

Create your profile on Zebrify and get a dynamic QR code based digital business card.

Share your QR on Facebook, linkedIn or just carry it as an image on your devices.

Hosting an event? Create dynamic invitations in style with Zebrify.

Add a YouTube video to your event, get live Google Maps directions to a venue, see what others are saying.

Share your events on Facebook or simply attach your QR code onto your invitation card.


Your computer just crashed, but you can't find the customer care number or the warranty information.

Get a QR code for your things, save all important contact numbers, warranty information and more, for emergency access.

Get onDemand email alerts when someone scans your QR code.

Sending your distant loved one a gift on their birthday.

Give them a touch of your presence by attaching a video message to the gift.

Simply put the message QR code on gifts or cards, let them scan and view your message. With private message you can control who can scan your QR code.